Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ratty bathrobe

ratty bathrobe so far after one year
of being in each other’s life
I have his toothbrush
and now his ratty bathrobe
it’s just very sweet

little things like that
symbolize the comfort
like bambi’s mother
taking him to the meadow
for the first time
we won’t bother
to mention how
that ends

I’ll make drawer space.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

learning curve

we talk about
our sleep patterns
since we are not
but want to know
how we are apart
both wake around
3:15...i put mine off
until 3:20 cause i know
there's this whole
poetic movement
of waking at 3:15
rolling to your notepad
and jotting whatever
is present
like it's pure
we both wake
telling ourselves
we get to keep sleeping
3 hours
4 hours
2 hours
1/2 hour
15 minutes
sharing dreams
wishing we had more
of each other
intruding into our dream space
intruding into bed space
night after night.

5 things

yes shannon said i'd blog 5 things so here it is:
5 restaurants i like:
1. montrio, in monterey
2. miramar beach, in halfmoon bay
3. the crustacean, in san francisco
4. geronimo, in santa fe
5. tommy's joint, in san francisco
oh and the vendor stand at hardly strictly bluegrass festival that sold
beer battered garlic french fries topped with garlic aoili and dungeness crab!
i don't like chain restaurants.

5 things i did yesterday:
1. went to saver's to buy a red coat for santa crawl
2. went to joann's to buy fabric and trim
3. made chicken and dumplings for mishon, jesse, and killian
4. began work on santa coat
5. went to bed my usual 10 pm

5 pet peeves:
1. people that leave their turn signal on and stay in the same lane blinking along
2. bureaucratic delays..waiting for signatures to authorize stuff
3. clerks that bad mouth fellow employees, gossiping in front of customers
4. my doorman that rarely gets off his butt to actually open the door
5. too many websites to belong to, too many mixed up passwords and user ids.

5 things i love:
1. my family
2. my friends
3. k.k.
4. art
5. my life

5 things to do tomorrow
1. go to work
2. work on santa coat
3. vacumm up the furry mess on carpet
4. find boxes for mishon's move
5. check out computer sites that are blocked at work.

Friday, November 14, 2008

momma weed, flower child

momma weed, flower child
--for richard
in the garden of life
the weeds strangle the flowers
the veggies
unless somebody is vigilant
the moment you turn your back
the weeds run rampant
sucking the nutrients intended
for you
the gentle one bringing pleasure

fuck that botany 101
there was cross pollination
your momma was a weed
your father unknown
perhaps some great sunflower
whose seeds birds gobbled greedily
shitting out whole
fertilized in foreign ground
your weed momma close at hand
sucking the nutrients
telling you you were a weed too
she raised you to be a weed
thorny ugly messing with others lives
until god with the great 'round-up'
the great weed-eater in the sky
you watched her wither
while you began to bloom
her leaves shrink
& allow the sun to shine
on you
for you to begin blooming

despite any doubts
because you can
just because we have to call them
mother father sister brother
doesn't make them good
that we are obligated to love
you can be out from under her
good for you
good for you
let the rain be your tears
let them help you grow
it's okay to smile at her death.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



We’ve entered a new day
Where sunbeams bypass
Dark clouds
Deciding to surpass
By illuminating fear
And racism
And bringing a calm
Assurance of a new deal
For our future
Mark this new day
As bright as a chunk of gold
in a new direction
with a new president
the world watches.

we did it!

i'm so thrilled...i keep crying with joy.
a friend and fellow poet, richard vargas said something about going out and buying an american flag because for the first time he is proud of this country. i feel much the same way.