Monday, August 18, 2008

ho-sehs run

the grandson
sometimes has 'r's
sometimes doesn't
his 3 word story
told one word at a time
ho-sehs (horses)
as he retells the terrifying scene
next door there are 10 horses
wild mustangs 'adopted'
the dominant male corraled
while the females and
new foals roam
the 1 acre around a
small cabin
the owner is not home
a new stallion is allowed free
which aggravates the
corraled one
til he leaps his fences
and they fight
he draws blood
then chases the other horses
round and round they race
kicking up clouds of dust
we hear the thundering hooves
and stand on the deck
they are kicking and biting
screaming horse screams
blood on mare's hindquarters
blood on new stallions neck
around and around they race
what to do what to do?
afraid they will kill each other
we call 911
a half hour later when a cop
patrols by
the horses are just standing
he keeps going
and they take off again
and we go indoors

grandson is left with his
3 word story
ho-sehs run bite.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

burning man poems# 2

Her walk had lost its bounce
Replaced by a limp
Having stubbed her toe
On a piece of buried rebar
Way out on the playa
Clouds of dust
Added to her thirst
A brackish film coating
Her tongue
She had prepared
Months in advance
Lists for self-sufficiency
But now
No water at hand
Finding a cracker
In her pocket instead
‘I’m thirsty dammit
not hungry!’
the little irony made
her giggle
and she gimped her way
to the lights of terminal city.

Monday, August 11, 2008

i have an interview and review in lumox journal

If you wouldn't mind, please mention this on your blog:

The third issue of the Lummox Journal is now online. I contains two interviews with Nila NorthSun and Patricia Wellingham-Jones, two very diverse poets I might add. Also there are two articles on small press publishing, sort of a past & future look at what is going on; Passion & Danger by Christopher Harter (detailing the Mimeograph and it's place in early small press activities) and Amazon and the POD Wars by W.J. Higginson and Raindog. There are two reviews by John Yamrus and RD of Todd Moore's RELENTLESS and TELL THE CORPSE A STORY & Nila NorthSun's LOVE AT GUNPOINT. A batch of poetry from the likes of Lyn lifshin, A. D. Winans, Marie Lecrivain, Scott Wannberg and others; and a new feature...a "cooking" section of all things, has Athens, GA poet and Chef H. Lamar Thomas grilling up some mouth-watering burger recipes, Southern style! Check it out by going to and clicking on the LJ 3 picture.

Word Smith
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