Thursday, May 29, 2008


Apokiliptika—a tribute to kernul killbuck

At day’s end
The world ends
Overseen by the overseer
The despot of the desert
Whose authoritarian command
Is a visual menace
Toxic fluids course thru
His veins
Toxic material
In his brain
And arsenal of weaponry
At his trigger happy fingertips
The brainwashed peons
Subjugated by pabst
Blue ribbon and chested medals
Comprise a regime
Of cultural delusion
Bellowing ‘freedoom’ to all
As the kernul hoists his booted feet
Atop dead fidel’s casket
And steals the cigar from the
Deadman’s lips
Licking the dried saliva
So as to retrieve castro’s dna
to mingle with his own
his maniacal mind
a tactical genius
ready to throw off his clothes
run naked into combat
into the blinding dust storms
thereby confusing the enemy
and all are the enemy
insulting them with oven mitt slaps
Doomsday hastened
In the end
No trace of humanity
Not even a limp fire canon.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


men and women creating
not human child
but mechanical offspring
anywhich way they want
with 5 legs 2 antennae
with blinky lights
and bouncey bounce
with recycled parts
highlighter markers
plastic bags
styrofoam carcasses
30 ft tall
or 3 inch small
kinetic energy
or forever unmoving
the parents stand proud
while visitors ohh and ahh
these children
do not disappoint
if they do
they can be disassembled
born again
born this way
or that
the whir of their hearts.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

potty training

had grandson with me last nite
his diaper rash creating an
agitated red scrotum
(oh, that sounds like the name
of a band)
so decided to start
potty training efforts
left his diaper off
so he could air out
and be cognizant of peeing
sat him on the potty chair
and said ‘pee’
he did not

but the little bugger peed 5 times
in 3 hours on my carpet
and shit once
luckily it wasn't diarrhea
again tried to get him to sit
on the potty
but nothing would happen
except one time
a little dribbled in the pot
most hit the floor
the rest of the time he at least
verbalized ‘peepee’ as he ran toward
the bathroom or as he stood there
with the stream soaking his foot

his pee stains graffiti my rug
running lines or small lakes
criss cross the living room
i wanted to with hold any beverage
but decided being dehydrated
did not constitute potty trained

I handed him diapered
back to his mother
knowing tomorrow
I’d buy a rug shampooer.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

baby fingers

grandson is getting close
to the terrible twos
when i arrived
he just had on diapers
and he immediately wanted
to get dressed cause
he thought i was there
to pick him up
to see his great-grandparents
i know this cause
he said 'poppa'
i said no we're just going to
sit here and visit
he scowled and started to
pinch himself!!
he’s just a little baby
he’s still just saying ‘moo’ when
i ask what the cow says
and ‘meow’ when i ask
what the cat says
when i sing the itsy bitsy spider
his little fingers mimic mine
as they wiggle into the air
and now this devious twist
for his baby digits
the little bugger is
a budding self mutilator
his tiny little fingers taking
teensy little bits of arm flesh
and pinching
oh so sad to see
my little guy hurt himself
need to teach him
other ways of coping
i won't mention
gramma's suicide fantasies.


fire spinners

I used to stand in the dark shadows
Ankle deep in snow
And watched as the acrobatic
Balls of fire broke
the darkness
Humans controlling their own
Private fireworks
Moving comets around
Their heads
I’ve wanted to be a
Firedancer for a dozen years
But this is not something
You can do alone
By yourself in the country
Who would put you out
If you caught yourself on fire?
So I have moved to where
‘they’ are
I took my first class last night
They gave me two kneesocks
With tennis balls at the toe
To swing this way and that
While they used chains
Leather straps and charred
Wick balls
I swung my kneesocks
Proud to finally be among them
No longer off in the distance
One more thing
To cross off
The ‘bucket list’.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

whipped cream and sushi

we planned a picnic
alongside the river
but the skies darkened
and the winds blew
instead we
spread the blanket on the floor
and opened the curtains wide
he brought the sushi
i brought the whipped cream.

Friday, May 2, 2008

i have a youtube

but i can't make it work for me, maybe you'll have better luck