Tuesday, November 18, 2008

5 things

yes shannon said i'd blog 5 things so here it is:
5 restaurants i like:
1. montrio, in monterey
2. miramar beach, in halfmoon bay
3. the crustacean, in san francisco
4. geronimo, in santa fe
5. tommy's joint, in san francisco
oh and the vendor stand at hardly strictly bluegrass festival that sold
beer battered garlic french fries topped with garlic aoili and dungeness crab!
i don't like chain restaurants.

5 things i did yesterday:
1. went to saver's to buy a red coat for santa crawl
2. went to joann's to buy fabric and trim
3. made chicken and dumplings for mishon, jesse, and killian
4. began work on santa coat
5. went to bed my usual 10 pm

5 pet peeves:
1. people that leave their turn signal on and stay in the same lane blinking along
2. bureaucratic delays..waiting for signatures to authorize stuff
3. clerks that bad mouth fellow employees, gossiping in front of customers
4. my doorman that rarely gets off his butt to actually open the door
5. too many websites to belong to, too many mixed up passwords and user ids.

5 things i love:
1. my family
2. my friends
3. k.k.
4. art
5. my life

5 things to do tomorrow
1. go to work
2. work on santa coat
3. vacumm up the furry mess on carpet
4. find boxes for mishon's move
5. check out computer sites that are blocked at work.


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