Monday, March 31, 2008

what i like about you

i like to watch you
i like to see your facial movements
your smile lines
your animated expressions
your drop dead gorgeous smile

i like to watch you
in the morninng
see how you walk
admire your tallness
and secure body movements
your hands when they make
the way you choose your
clothes and how you're not afraid
of color or designs
and they way they drape
on your strong frame
you could wear a hefty bag
and look glorious

i like to watch you
in the evening
as you flick back your
long hair
or lean forward to
stir the coals and blow it
into flame
or pass the bottle of whiskey
from one friendly hand to another
your joyous face illuminated by campfire

i like to hear you
your voice resonant and rich
like maple dripping from a tree
you don't have to shout
you are heard
because people and me
want to hear your words
your stupid jokes
your teachings
your anecdotes
you say nothing mean or gossipy about others
and people know then
they are also safe
to be goofy or obnoxious
you pass no judgements

i watch you in a crowd
and see how everybody respects you
because in part
you treat everybody respectfully

you are a very good man
and i'm so thankful to have you
in my life.

xoxox nila