Friday, March 28, 2008

post-nasal drip

this is kind of a mixture 'found poem' with
my own asides

post-nasal drip (PND) occurs
when excessive mucus is
produced by the sinuses
the excess mucus accumulates
in the throat or
back of nose
based on the following symptoms
i know full well
this is what i have
particularly noticeable at night
when i attempt to push on my throat
to diminish the largeness
of my gulping
i'm surprised i dont have black and blue marks
from the effort
tickling in the throat
more like a toothpick jammed
in my esophogus
chronic sore throat
i've tried hot salt water gargles
to no avail
also tea with lemon
and the myriad of over the counter
drugs and even a few prescription ones
bad breath
oh great i didn't even check to see if
that were one of my symptons
fortunately i virtually talk to nobody
i could have started this 'poem' with
persistant coughing
but thought post nasal drip had
a more literary ring to it
feeling nauseated due to accumulation
of mucus in stomach
which then causes me to
vomit due to excessive mucus
in stomach
there's nothing like running down
the hallway at work
with a mouthful of puke
trying to make it to the bathroom

i now even eat food based what
i'm willing to puke up
eating artichokes for dinner last nite
was a mistake
apparently they don't digest easily
and my now converted bathroom waste basket
has turned into my bedside puke bucket
attests to the fact that just mucus
is not the only thing puked up

another side effect of the constant coughing
beside irritating co-workers
is the incontinence
piss cough piss cough

i'm sharing this personal experience in case
there are others out there suffering from the
same malady
you are not alone
i fully commiserate
wherever you are
just make sure you wear
a pad if you sit on any of my chairs.


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