Tuesday, July 29, 2008

burningman panic

panic time

it's that time again
the annual burningman panic
usually occuring a month
to several weeks in advance
the wake up in the middle
of the night
going over lists
packing lists
where did i put
last year's stuff?
what costumes
need to be made?
i don't remember where
i put the solar shower
and where did the rebar go?
what food do i still have to make
and freeze?
how can i fit it all in the car?
what things still need to be bought
and how can i do it with
hardly any money?
fitful sleeps
but right now
the self imposed projects
create more anxiety
than exuberant excitement

i can't imagine how people
with major art projects
or camps handle it
the payoff of a good project
or camp not realized until
actually there
and when it's over
and glitches were minimal

gotta give mega cudos
to those people
you people are amazing.


Anonymous said...

We see, just over there on the right of Nila's poems,
That real poets, real, serious poets,
Drink and curse and kick the shit out of their lovers.
I fear for Rex's ribs and other bones.
Nila is a real poet,
A real, serious poet.

Jonathan/(marries brown)/Bin Noddin