Tuesday, May 6, 2008

whipped cream and sushi

we planned a picnic
alongside the river
but the skies darkened
and the winds blew
instead we
spread the blanket on the floor
and opened the curtains wide
he brought the sushi
i brought the whipped cream.


Rex said...

Funny thing... that sushi and whipped cream should be such... opposites- like opposites.

Like opposites of the the taste of salt and sugar-

-like the taste of youth and maturity.

Sushi, chewy-savory- salty is sharp, and terse on the tounge... and it's memory welcomed, needed but short.

Cream- cream is more than that- it is a taste yes, but a feel as well.

It is smooth, like the length of days, and sweet like memory.

Smooth like a soul that slides over mine.

It lasts,

and seems to linger on the skin long after it is supposedly washed off.

It need not be seen, or even tasted to be the sweetest of things.

And after, it rolls in little specks upon our our skins... which lay by side- conneted.. not washed away... not by water or time.

nila said...

hey, mister! that's more poetic than what i wrote!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh...ah... sorry bout that... Shows what some good read wine and better memories will do.

I'll never do anything better in a literay sense I an sure.

:)Yr U-knowho