Thursday, May 15, 2008

baby fingers

grandson is getting close
to the terrible twos
when i arrived
he just had on diapers
and he immediately wanted
to get dressed cause
he thought i was there
to pick him up
to see his great-grandparents
i know this cause
he said 'poppa'
i said no we're just going to
sit here and visit
he scowled and started to
pinch himself!!
he’s just a little baby
he’s still just saying ‘moo’ when
i ask what the cow says
and ‘meow’ when i ask
what the cat says
when i sing the itsy bitsy spider
his little fingers mimic mine
as they wiggle into the air
and now this devious twist
for his baby digits
the little bugger is
a budding self mutilator
his tiny little fingers taking
teensy little bits of arm flesh
and pinching
oh so sad to see
my little guy hurt himself
need to teach him
other ways of coping
i won't mention
gramma's suicide fantasies.



artpredator said...

oh no!

we have a game--don't you hurt my baby! we play it when he accidently does something

you might try it

actually you might take him or talk to a profesional about this...